2BR apartment

  • Area:45
  • Guests:4
  • Bedrooms:2
  • Bathrooms:1
  • Kitchens:1

Bed Types

  • Single bed X 2
  • Double bed (Size 140cm X 195cm) X 1


  • Bath products
  • TV
  • Air-conditioner
  • Refrigerator
  • Microwave oven
  • Towels
  • iH stove
  • Kitchen utensils
  • Washing machine


  • 1 Great location in the center of Tokyo!
  • 2 Jul. 2019 Grand OPEN!!!
  • 3 New building・Safety Area・City View
  • 4 My apartments located just a few minute walk from Tsukichi Station.
  • 5 You can take the train and subway to urban areas in Tokyo.
  • 6-Tsukiji Station 6min -Shintomichō Station 10min -Higashi-Ginza Station 15min
  • 7 Seek peace and quiet in noisy surroundings. Apartments with 1 flats on each floor
  • 8 Fully equipped · Air-conditioner,TV,refrigerator,microwave oven,washing machine,iH stove,kitchen utensils,towels,bath products,etc.

House Rules

  • Before check-in / check-out,we are unable to provide luggage service,sorry for any inconvenience.
  • Each room only receives one group of guests at a time and will not share space with other tenants.
  • Air conditioning in the room is available.
  • The first child under three is free,the second is adult-based.

Area Feature

[Ginza], a region where have both old stores with a traditionalatmosphere and luxury brands that are most popular in the world. At here, youcan deeply feel the Japanese-style hospitality culture "O MO TE NASHI". Ginza Pass will use the general lane blockade as a pedestrian-onlywalking area during weekends and national holidays. You don't have to worryabout dangerous and busy traffic, you can take a leisurely and elegant walk inGinza Street. 

The Ginza area is one of the cultural and artistic origins ofJapanese culture, a blend of old and new culture and art centers. If you areinterested in traditional Japanese performing arts, be sure to enter theKabukiza in Ginza, and experience the world-famous Kabuki culture with 400years of history. If it is the first time I just want to see a part to experienceit, Kabuki also prepares for a show to allow the audience to participate in thedrama flexibly and easily. If you want to know more about the drama, thetheater also offers a captioning machine for rent. 

In terms of painting art, if you like traditional art works, you canchoose to visit the exhibition in 1919. So far, more than 3,000 exhibitionshave been held. Currently, there is still the oldest [Shiseido Gallery] in thegallery that opened. Ginza Maison Hermès (Hermes Maison Hermès), which wasrefitted in 2001, also holds various exhibitions on a regular basis. Inaddition to the works, the exterior design of the glass bricks is also a veryeye-catching building for Ginza. Dong, may wish to pay more attention to it. Ifyou are interested in more avant-garde or more lively works of art, [CreationGallery G8] and [Ginza Graphic Gallery] are also a good choice. 

[The Imperial Palace] The Shogunate era was the residence of thegenerals of the past. After the Emperor Meiji moved to the capital, the ImperialResidence became the residence of the Emperor. If you want to visit theinterior of the Imperial Palace, you can use the Internet to make anappointment in advance, or register on the same day. If there is not enoughtime or the situation is full, the Imperial Palace will also open [East RoyalGarden] and [Genyuan Park], and you can freely visit the garden attached to theImperial Palace. You can enjoy the flowers of the season in any season.

 Near the Ginza's Hibiya Park, it is one of the famous cherry blossomspots in Tokyo in the spring, and there are many layers of multi-colored mapleleaves in the fall. The red leaves of Hibiya Park are quite famous. In the widearea of ​​Hibiya Park, there is a wild music hall, which will hold regular performancesand spend a leisurely time surrounded by nature.[Binham Palace Grace Garden] In the past, it was a private garden forthe famous garden or the royal family, and a place for foreign guests. It isnow open to the general public. Hamaiya Palace is also one of the Sumida Riverwater bus stops, from where you can take a water bus to Asakusa or Odaiba toplay Tokyo in different ways. 

[Tokyo Station] An imitation Western-style brick building designedfor the Meiji era architect Chen Ye Jinwu. It was opened in 1914. In 2003, itwas registered as an important cultural property of Japan and was the startingpoint of the Japanese railway. The building was partially destroyed during theSecond World War and was faithfully restored back to its original state in2012. The octagonal ceilings and reliefs inside the dome are quite distinctive.Tokyo Station is not just a transportation hub, but also a foodcenter and a shopping paradise! If you like ramen noodles, you must not missTokyo Ramen Street! If you want to travel by tram, there are more than 200kinds of railway lunches from all over the country to choose from. Always worryabout what to bring with you, there are also a variety of items to choose from. 

The Atrium Square of Shiodome New Bridge Japan TV Station has a hugeclock with a banner of 18 meters and a height of 12 meters. It is a large clockof Hayao Miyazaki, which is jointly planned by Japanese TV Station and JeepStudio. It has a familiar Ghibli. The world view of power. At the time ofregular timekeeping, there will also be an action mechanism that makes peoplesmile. People who like Ghibli’s works must not miss it. 

The market in the Tsukiji market was officially relocated to theToyosu market in October 2018, but the surrounding Tsukiji off-market was stillin operation! If you like to eat seafood, the Tsukiji market is still a goodplace to go. A variety of hesitant, fresh and delicious seafood or charcoalgrilled snacks are waiting for you! 

WACLASS GINZA - High quality, supreme enjoyment. Elegantly shoppingfor fun.

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