Shibuya Sky

I think anyone who has visited Tokyo knows that Shibuya is located on the Yamanote Line and has the largest cross-section of Japanese population in a single day. It is a region combining young pop culture, food and fashion. Here, you can fully feel what is changing with each passing day and the changing times. Even the landmarks representing Shibuya have gradually begun to change. This time, I will not introduce the Hachiko, a familiar dog, but Shibuya Scramble Square, which officially opened last November.
   The completion of Shibuya Scramble Square led to a new wave of observatory typhoons. Why do you say that? Shibuya sky is an observatory created through the use of space, the combination of sound, light, sound, and the presentation of art and culture. Between 14F and 45F, there is a special "Emotional Opening Road", so that everyone can open their senses and experience everything you see. It is also divided into three spaces, Leading Line, Sensing Hall, and Transition Pod. Through the use of sound and light images, respondents were given the illusion of being in a different world. 46F combines visual arts, allowing visitors to connect with the scenery outside the window. This floor also has a sky bar, restaurants and shops, allowing people to enjoy the sights of Tokyo while enjoying gourmet food. In addition to being a fully open platform, RF has also set up a stage so that everyone can enjoy Tokyo's proud night view and their specially prepared sound and light show under the night sky. I hope that when you come to Tokyo, don't forget to check it out! (For more information, please refer to the official website of Shibuya Sky)

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