Co-living New business

WACLASS comes from the Japanese word [ WA O KURASU ]  And has the original meaning of living in Japanese culture. We are committed to providing all Japanese visitors with a high-quality and tasteful accommodation environment that is close to Japanese culture and experiences Japanese style of life.   
In 2020, the epidemic of the COVID-19 caused great damage all over the world. We reaffirmed the importance of the SDGs and reconsidered the ideal way of basic necessities, "clothing, food, and living" through the impact of COVID-19. And in order to respond to the era of With COVID-19, we newly launched "Co-living business (living)" and "motto banana business (food)" and set them as our core business.

In the "living field", we launched a "Co-living business" and went beyond the conventional concept with thorough epidemic prevention measures and working spaces to provide a safer and more secure living environment in the era of With Corona. We are developing a completely new shared house and will start providing services in the spring of 2021.  

In the "food field", we launched the "motto banana business", focusing on ripe bananas, which are most beneficial for improving immunity, and made it possible to process and store using the latest ultra-high-speed freezing technology. At the end of 2020, we will deliver delicious and healthy food and contribute to reducing food loss.

As a member of society, WACLASS will continue to contribute through our business toward the realization of a society that is friendly to the earth and people.